Denise Kirkland                    

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Voice as Smoky as a Molten Volcano

        Join Denise Kirkland as she continues her incredible journey into the magical world of jazz and blues. She takes up the mantle of progressive  jazz  and wears it graciously like black mink. 
         Both classy and
 sassy, Kirkland brings snap, crackle , pop and sizzle to the tradition of jazz, the rambunctiousness of the blues and the slickness of R&B.  
           She makes her interpretations a brand new experience for wildly diverse audiences everywhere she goes.
 Kirkland has been praised by some of the greatest jazz entertainers as well as some of the most discerning fans in the Southeast and beyond.  
            This lady catches the stage on  fire and brightly burns through jazz standards like the StarChild that she is…making it white hot and positively charged with high voltage electrical heat.